GROWTH JOURNAL | On The Road to 230

Hi everyone! My name is Declan and I’m addicted to muscle.

No, this isn’t a scene from a Recovery Group Meeting. This is the first of many journal entries as I take my body from its current 190 lbs to 230 lbs of bulging, massive, jacked up muscle. I’ve never desired to get on stage as a professional bodybuilder, but I have always dreamed of being as big and as strong as I possibly could get myself to grow.

I want the ground to bend under the weight of my solid rock hard muscle. I want to bust doorways as I walk through. I want to feel the power of muscle surging through my whole body every waking moment. 

I have been intoxicated by the gym and pumping iron pretty much my entire life. I fell in love with lifting my freshman year in high school when I joined the wrestling team. Soon, it became crystal clear to me that wrestling didn’t matter. What I wanted was to be big. I loved flexing and feeling stronger than everyone, and I spent every minute of my day either pumping up my muscles or thinking about muscle and planning for the next time I would workout and grow.


Now, I’ve reached a point in my life where I am choosing to take the path leading to full-on, raging muscled beast - to reach a bodyweight of 230lbs of solid, rock hard muscle. I have a certification in personal training in sports medicine, I have worked with numerous fitness models and professional bodybuilders as a fitness photographer (or flex photography, as I call it). I have a gym membership to an amazing national ym group so that I can workout at any of their gyms whereever I go. I have a home gym with weights up to 400lbs and dumbbells up to 100lbs. I have a few jock friends who like to train with me, and that added support is critical in getting that one last rep at complete muscle failure. They are my growth support group and help me everyday slowly getting closer to my dream.

I am currently taking testosterone ethanoate twice a week, creatine every day, and various pre-workout shakes. I do love a good Nitric Oxide boost to get all the veins popping and muscles throbbing for more. I also love this spray called “Hot Stuff” which sounds ridiculous but is pretty amazing. Mainly used by bodybuilders before going onstage at a competition, you spray this oil on your skin and within a few minutes your whole body is tingling, and the veins start popping out. Love it.

So, there is it. I will post regularly with updates and photos, measurements, workouts, meals, supplements, etc. If there is anything specific you’d like to know or see, please comment below or write me at

I also write a second blog of a more grungy, hardcore level. Check it out if you're into the world of muscle and domination.






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  • Wow. I accidentally stumbled upon this blog and I’m so fricking glad that I did. THIS IS exactly what I’ve been looking for….no nonsense, no bullshit, straight forward facts and details. THANK YOU!!!!

    Christopher Lund

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